Alma Semillera

Alma Semillera

Richmond, CA

Alma Semillera offers nutrient-dense traditional Latin food products, made from the highest-quality sustainable ingredients in compostable packaging. They are based in the Bay Area. Alma Semillera believes in creating systems that are regenerative & nourishing to people and the planet, rather than extractive and depleting. They also believe in honoring the seeds of culture by respecting and preserving ancestral wisdom. Their team focuses on using traditional methods of food preparation, which they believe increase nutritional value and flavor. 

The team at Alma Semillera is dedicated to supporting those who want to bring ancestral foods into their modern lifestyle by providing resources, education, and recipes. They pay living wages and donate a portion of sales to organizations that work for food justice, social justice, and indigenous sovereignty. They source certified organic or organically grown whole foods, such as whole grains, and never use any artificial additives, gums, or fillers for their gluten-free and vegan products. Alma Semillera's mission is the preservation and revitalization of ancestral Mesoamerican foodways.

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