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Organic Pasture Raised Eggs (Jumbo)

1 half dozen
Organic Pasture Raised Eggs (Jumbo)

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1/2 dozen jumbo eggs, certified organic, pasture raised.

Alexandre Kids Organic Pasture Raised Large Eggs- from Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farms, Crescent City, CA

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Hands down some of the best eggs we've ever tasted, these hens are part of a multi-species rotational grazing system, moving twice every week onto fresh green grass all year round. "5-egg" ranking from the Cornucopia Institute, certified organic, and really, really delicious! Read more about Alexandre Kids eggs here!

All of the hens are raised on organic pastures under the watchful eyes of the Alexandre dairy cows and Great Pyrenees guard dogs. The hens graze on green, lush organic grass and have room to roam in the fresh coastal air and sunshine. They intermingle with the dairy cows and enjoy a natural farm life setting where they can produce the most nutritious organic eggs. Hens are housed in mobile “egg-mobiles,” designed and constructed by the Alexandre Family. The “egg-mobiles” are moved to new areas of pasture twice a week so the pasture gets desired fertilizer and to prevent overgrazing. Our chickens eat certified organic feeds; irrigated dairy pastures consisting of 50 to 100 variety of plant species ranging from grasses, forbs, herbs and clovers; oyster shell, with limited daily feeding of mixture of organic grains and minerals. We never add any chemicals, hormones or antibiotics. Collected eggs are processed daily at the Alexandre Kids egg ranch.

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Alexandre Family Farm
Crescent City, CA
Now in its fifth generation of farming, Alexandre Family Farm stands for sustainable organic farm practices, nutritional education, and environmental stewardship.Read more