Alaya Tea

Organic Darjeeling Green Tea

3.5 oz
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Organic Darjeeling Green Tea

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3.5 oz, 50+ cups

Alaya's Organic Darjeeling Green Tea is truly unique in that there has been no oxidation with the tea leaves, imparting the original green hue of the tea leaves. Shortly after harvesting, the leaves are dried and rolled, which provides great aromatics and a nutty flavor. With little processing and no added chemicals or preservatives, Alaya's Darjeeling Green Tea is certified organic and biodynamic. Their packaging is 100% compostable, which includes the zipper closure, label, ink, adhesive, and mailer.

Ingredients: organic darjeeling green tea.

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Alaya Tea
Moorpark, CA
Alaya Tea celebrates the women of the Himalayan region, who are the backbone of the agricultural community, by providing fresh and pure loose leaf tea.Read more