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Team AKUA created the world's first Kelp Burger, the first plant-based, meat-alternative product featuring ocean-farmed kelp: which is packed with umami flavor, vitamins, and minerals, and boasts a seriously cool sustainability story.

Ocean-farmed kelp is a zero-input crop that requires no fresh water, dry land, fertilizer, or feed to grow and harvest. Kelp also grows through photosynthesis and so it's very effective at absorbing excess CO2 from our seas. AKUA sources 100% of its kelp from New England ocean farmers.

For these reasons and more, ocean-farmed kelp is part of a rising trend in sustainable, blue foods. All of AKUA's delicious products - like Kelp Burgers, Krab Cakes, Ground Meat, and more - are non-GMO, allergy-friendly, and part of a regenerative food system.

AKUA is women-founded, women-run, and on a mission to become a globally recognized brand for kelp-based products!

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Kelp Burger
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