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Louis-Antoine Luyt

Pipeño Blanco Carrizal 2021


1 liter
Pipeño Blanco Carrizal 2021

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1 L

Pipeño Blanco Carrizal uses grapes from organic, dry-farmed bush vines in the Carrizal sub-zone wine region of Itata. Spontaneous fermentation and maceration occur where the wine is then racked to wooden tanks called pipas. Pipeño is slang for "peasant wine", but winemaker Louis-Antonoine Luyt has reclaimed the term to highlight unique terroirs and farmers. The wine is golden in both color and taste, claiming honey, caramel and apple notes. It finishes clean and dry with good structure.

Ingredients: grapes.

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About The Producer

Louis-Antoine Luyt
New York City, NY
The goal of Louis-Antoine Luyt is to highlight the vast and impervious terroir of Chile's Itata Valley while also providing indigenous farmers a viable income for grapes that were historically thrown away or sold at a loss. Read more