101 Cider House

Sunlit Hard Cider

4 count
$0.29 / fl oz
Sunlit Hard Cider

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Four 12 fl oz cans, 4.5% ABV

Sunlit Hard Cider is the ultimate choice when it comes to embracing the bright side of life. With its refreshing blend of grapefruit peels and citra hops, this thirst-quenching beverage is designed to elevate your daytime adventures. Whether you're a fan of Hazy IPAs or a connoisseur of Natural Wine, Sunlit offers the perfect companion for your day-drinking endeavors. Embrace the sunlit moments and indulge in this flavorful, low-calorie libation that delivers a taste that's as invigorating as the sun itself. Cheers to enjoying life in its sunniest form!

Ingredients: Apples, Grapefruit Peel, Hops

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101 Cider House
Los Angeles, CA
101 Cider House is the original "adults only" juice bar that crafts wild fermented ciders. With zero sugar, zero carbs, and a rich dose of naturally occurring probiotics, their blends offer a session-able and buzz-worthy experience.Read more